This piece started as a sketch. Initially, it was a woman holding her hand out with a knife behind her. The beast and the idea for the light came later. The story behind the piece is that she's offering her friend who has cancer a form of nourishment with the plan that while he's distracted, she'll end his suffering with the knife. Their thoughts surround the piece, with them finishing each other's sentences even in thinking.

Sucker Punch


I decided to re-imagine a movie poster for a film I loved. I went with Sucker Punch as I think that movie is fantastic. I chose the composition that I did because I wanted to show that the film is about perception, but I wanted to hide that fact and let the viewer find it on their own. I'm going to spoil that by telling you what it is now. The split across the page goes right through the center of her eye. By this, I'm basically saying that there's a dual identity of what she sees and what's real.

D is for Dragon


I love writing. This means I tend to see letters quite often, so I came up with this concept of wrapping letters up in things that begin  with those letters. This is the first in the series of 26. In this one, I wanted to somewhat dabble in negative space while making something striking and interesting. Looking at it now, it kinda looks like a logo for a sports team, somewhere. "Delaware Dragons" or something.

The Piratess in the Gown


I believe I sketched this character during a lunch break, years ago. I was sitting cross-legged in a corner and my boss came up and looked at what I was drawing and said it looked cool. She's got pretty good taste, so I didn't argue. I remember this being a drawing simply to experiment with fabrics and wood textures. Came out pretty nice.