Iso is a fictional restaurant where people go to watch cool martial arts films while dining on Asian cuisine. The logo was a challenge, but the result I believe marries the ideas of stuffing one's face with shrimp fried rice and sushi with watching people's faces get kicked around very well. I designed a bunch of assets and even mocked up some packaging for various Asian restaurant necessities.



Bleed is a fictional brand for a subculture shop. A tattoo parlor with a twist. Here is the path of the brand starting from sketches and logo designs, to tattoo design and application onto models (showing images of before & after), and finally taking those and showcasing them in real-world scenarios.



Change is a fictional social cause born of my awareness of the struggles people face when it comes to their health and habits. I decided to make this campaign about changing one's life for the better over time through deliberate, constant, lifestyle adjustments. The series includes a type-only poster, an image-driven poster, and a combination type/image poster.

Haunting of the Vine


This book cover project started as a sketch I did in my free time. I inked the sketch in illustrator and colored it in Photoshop until I was happy with it, but then I wanted to do more. I took it and looked up a bunch of horror book covers as research, then I chose a typeface and designed the cover. Then, to fill out the back, I wrote a bit of story about a wronged lady spirit who haunts a vineyard in the name of bloodthirsty revenge. I think it's cute.